loving the little years. {giveaway & interview with Rachel Jankovic part three}

Loving the Little Years

I was SO happy when Rachel Jankovic, author of Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches gave me the opportunity to interview her.  Catch up with part one and part two of this three-part interview.


{Part three of three.}

ME: Do you have any strategic ways of planning and preparing for days and weeks to come (food, hearts, cleaning, activities, etc.)
RACHEL: Haha! Probably not! I am not really a schedule oriented person. It would not make me happy to know what I was making for dinner a week from tomorrow, and if I wrote “leftovers” on a dinner plan somewhere my husband would probably swing by the store for something to grill on his way home.  If I think of something that I want to make for dinner, I’ll add it to the menu. Bad news though – sometimes the menu is just in my head. My problem tends to be too many ideas of things to do, so the places that I have had to work to improve has been finding satisfaction is just getting it done, rather than doing it the way I would ultimately like to do it. I have joked with friends that I don’t look at Pinterest because I do not need more inspiration, I just need more time to follow through!  For example, I love to cook, used to cater, and still really enjoy planning and making good food. But the reality of this time of life is that I often don’t have the time to make everything the way I would like to. So I have had to actively shift my source of satisfaction from making something that interests me, to feeding people in a prepared and timely manner.  I have found a happy medium where I always have the stuff to make some quick dinners in the freezer/pantry, but I plan a more fun menu right on top of that. That way when the day isn’t working out like I may have hoped, I can pull out one of the quickie dinner options and still feed everyone on time. I keep grated mozzarella and parmesan in the freezer so I can almost always make a couple pizzas fast. I always have stuff for spaghetti. Pasta, rice, frozen veggies, chicken, etc. It’s not exciting food but it is food!  I do the same thing with activities for the kids – lots of stuff on hand to do (lots!), but no real plan. Sometimes I do something above and beyond, but for the most part I let them do what they want to with it.


Rachel has kindly given away a copy of Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches.  The winner has been chosen and contacted.  Thanks for your interest!


Family Favorites Loving the Little Years

{This book is part is one of our family’s favorite biblical resources.}


giveaway. {Vintage Rose Wraps}

and the winner is…

Okay, I am so excited about this right now!  Not only am crazy about  my headbands and belt from Vintage Rose Wraps, but you are about to get the chance win your own adorable pieces!  If you’ve seen me lately, there’s a good chance I’ve been wearing one of my new accessories.  Not only did Vintage Rose Wraps generously send me their products to use, now one of your gets a turn…!  

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{the headbands.} I am totally in love with what I ordered!!  The headbands are extremely cute, and I was admittedly really surprised at how comfortable they are once I put them on and how well they stay in place.  They are the first headbands I’ve worn that pass both of my criteria, so I am very, very pleased.  
{the belt.}   It’s adorable, isn’t it?!  I wasn’t sure how long it would be, so I ordered the regular size, because I found my favorite fabric in the regular.  It’s fantastic – it has D-rings hidden behind the rose, and the fabric stays snuggly in place.  The belt wasn’t long enough for me to wear at my hip or waist, so next time I would order the extended size, but this one works great with an empire cut.

{to win.}

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{side note} The two pictures on the left were taken at Ms. Mac’s Too, part of Carver’s Occasional Shops.  It’s one of my favorite vintage shops and always displayed with a wonderfully edited eye for really lovely treasures!