be still and know that I am God.


One of my favorite places to be is out on these incredible rocks jutting out from the shoreline along the North Shore.  Usually the waves crash into the rocks, bearing into them, and making them sleek and black.

But on this early May morning, the water was still.  Barely even lapping the rocks.  

I snuggled up to the water’s edge with my Bible before any of my family was awake; while He restored my soul.


He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.  {Psalm 23:2-3}


Be still and know that I am God. {Psalm 46:10}


For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name’s sake you lead me and guide me; {Psalm 31:3)


a brand new four year old


Tonight ended with a brand new four-year-old covered in green and purple frosting and toothpaste bouncing around the house and finally fast asleep under his hippo covers.  (And me sobbing).

Shae’s very special day was filled with things we love best, Curious George, stories, building tall towers, talking, praying, reading our bibles, tickles, giggles, eating and lots of love.


The boys fell asleep in an instant, still caked in frosting, and I watched Father of the Bride.  I cried and cried, thinking constantly of the big green eyes that have my attention all day long.  


I am completely caught up in the blessings of my little boys, yet I also know how fleeting our days are.  Tonight, I am enjoying the frosting.

{Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow. -Psalm 144:4}


photo copy 2

My mom invited Shae and me to go downtown with her this afternoon.  It was quite amusing.  I was in sneakers and all around me were heels.  And rather than hoodies, most others had stylish, probably-not-syrup-proof blouses.  But what fun we had!  I love being downtown.  

photo copy 3

Seeing it through Shae’s little eyes was so sweet.  Everything was so fascinating to him.


It was a complete joy to be down there, and an even bigger treasure to come home.  I love the blessing of my life.  Thank you God.