home sweet home {our bedroom}

home sweet home bedroom

many special pieces went into our room.  
including shutters from my favorite vintage shop,
bedding from my parents,
and a frame and drawer from a great flea market in California that I was determined to carry on my flight home (along with myself, my baby, a stroller, the car seat and our luggage). silly. 

home sweet home bedroom 2

at home. {crate shelves}

I LOVE Industrial architecture, salvage finds, and reclaimed pieces.  I am desiring to be a student of how to take old pieces and put a little love into them to make them work in our house!  One of my favorite spaces in our home is in my boys’ room, where I put old crates and drawers that I had joyfully searched for over the course of last summer to house music boxes, books, and a few special decorations.  I look at that wall ALL the TIME, and I LOVE how it turned out!

decorate for christmas {card holder}

I know for me, that by the time Christmas makes its way around each year, there is so much to do (even if you’re trying to keep things simple), that coming up with new and interesting ways to decorate is pretty much the last thing there’s time for.  So I’m going to think about it now (while we still have 10 months 🙂

I picked up a $0.70 yard stick at the hardware store and hot glued a few clothespins on it to display Christmas cards! This would also be a great way to display birthday cards, greeting cards, recipes in your kitchen, scripture verses, receipts, invitations, coupons, ….

Love a useful craft for under $1.00!


ok friends.  those of you who are addicted to pinterest, you are about to become even more obsessed with olioboard.  you’re welcome.  (or. i’m sorry.)

i designed this layout of my dream kitchen for a contest, using many of my pins from pinterest.  olioboard was super easy to use.  i loved taking my favorite ideas and putting them to good (imaginary) use!