loving the little years. {interview with Rachel Jankovic part two}

Loving the Little Years

I was blessed to have an opportunity to interview Rachel Jankovic, author of Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches  Catch up with part one and part three of this three-part interview.


{Part two of three.}

ME: With children who are old enough to understand what you’re talking about, and once spelling out the occasional word in an effort to communicate is no longer an option, do you have any ways you find helpful and enjoyable to communicate with Luke regularly about what is going on with your and the kids’ hearts?
RACHEL: I am super blessed that my husband and I really enjoy each other. So it is very natural for us to communicate. For example, I often text him while he is at work – sometimes only something like “blahahahaha!” and he would text back something like “Woop doggie?” and then we would conclude with “love you!” Not exactly formal communication, but we keep in touch and make each other laugh with these sorts of things.  He is a great and very involved dad, so he talks with the kids about how they are doing, and with me about them, etc. He really is the best!
ME: Considering that “Christian childrearing is a pastoral pursuit, not an organizational challenge” (from chapter 10, Know Your Sheep), are there simple ways you have found that are helpful to you to keep some sense of order around your home?
RACHEL: I am constantly engaged in trying to keep our house orderly, but I don’t have any one big trick or strategy. I have found that it changes through different seasons of life. I have done lots of different things – laying clothes out the night before, and emptying the dishwasher before bed in one phase. Setting the table for dinner in the afternoon in another phase. 
I tend to be a bit artistic with the kids (meaning they can cut, color, glue, tape, paint, sew, knit, make things out of shoeboxes, etc. whenever they want.) Our messes can be big! But it is reflective of the life being lived in it. We’ve been working with the kids on taking responsibility for things that you yourself didn’t mess up – chipping in without being asked, helping out with general cleaning, etc. We have lots of room to improve here, and I hope we keep improving! As I said in the book, the biggest kind of order that we are striving for in our home is fellowship together. So in that sense, the answer is really keeping short accounts. My Dad was always fond of saying that the difference between a clean house and a messy house is not how many things were dropped, it is how many things were picked up. We try to pick up bad attitudes and disagreements quickly. The best practice in this is of course for mom to not be leaving these kinds of messes all over the house. And when you do mess up, pick it up right away!


Family Favorites Loving the Little Years

{This book is part is one of our family’s favorite biblical resources.}


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