{Giveaway & Winner} One Month Subscription to My Healthy Meal Plans

This summer we decided to give a fresh look at healthy living, starting with our food.  (Yum, I love food!)

It’s a wonderful and big responsibility to teach and model a healthy lifestyle for our kids.   I started looking for something to give me a fresh take on meal planning, and found the Super Healthy Kids blog.  The whole idea is to support families in the effort toward healthfulness.  And the best part of all, is their meal planning site, My Healthy Meal Plans!  I signed up for the free 7-day trial, and had access to entire weeks worth of delicious meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  I was so excited to have a starting block to build some new healthy eating habits on.  The work was done for me, and all I needed to bring to the table was some effort, and a commitment to try new things!  One step at a time, I’m taking tips from their 10 Pillars for Better Health, and adding them (and the really yummy recipes) into practice at our house!  
{Encouragement} My super-smart, super-healthy, and super-sweet friend, Sarah, is always encourages me, by reminding me that every step I take toward healthy living is a wonderful improvement.  So if an overhaul of your entire diet seems extremely unreachable, could you start with one improvement (such as adding another vegetable into your day, skipping out of adding sugar to your coffee, or drinking two big glasses of water a day)?
{The Giveaway} Amy and Natalie, who thoughtfully create My Healthy Meal Plans, have kindly offered to give away a month’s subscription to one of you!  To enter, please leave one comment sharing how My Healthy Meal Plans could benefit you and your family.  The winner has been chosen, and is…..

Amy Finn! 

Amy said “Wow, this would be wonderful!  I am a brand new first time mom and am really struggling with dinners 😦 I find that we are ordering dinner way too much and of course this makes me feel bad.  And it’s certainly not helping me shed the extra pregnancy pounds!”  
Amy, Congratulations on becoming a mommy!  What a blessing!  It is encouraging that you are being mindful and considerate of you family’s health.  I can totally empathize with you on all accounts.  I would encourage you to extend yourself some grace as you adjust to your new role in life.  Print out the meal plans and recipes, and as you have energy and time to commit, enjoy serving your family with your cooking!   And when you can, try freezing some of the meals for days when you don’t have the opportunity to cook!


6 thoughts on “{Giveaway & Winner} One Month Subscription to My Healthy Meal Plans

  1. As a super-busy working mom, I am always looking for ways to make meal planning easier especially when it comes to cooking real, healthy meals! I would love a free week trial of the Healthy Kids meal plans.

  2. Our family would benefit as we transition into a new, more chaotic lifestyle with me going back to work full-time. I know from previous experience is that when I’m tired after work I don’t feel like cooking and that usually leads us to “fend for ourselves” which wont work quite well for a 20-month old 😉 I don’t want her to be eating ramen noodles or popcorn for dinner like I so many times do. If I don’t want it for her, why then do I allow it for myself? I would love a way to get us started on the right foot as we embark on this new adventure and hopefully it will also be a healthier one too! I want to get in the habit/make a change before winter comes because if I am being honest I tend to “lettered go” during those months of hibernation and like you mentioned Bryn, what a bad thing to model for our kids!

  3. I love this idea! My Healthy Meal plans could benefit our family by helping Chris and I, whose parents did not model healthy eating habits growing up, instill better habits in our babies.

  4. Thank you for letting know about their 7 day trial. I would love to win it and get my kids to eat more healthy. I personally need to as well as I struggle with my energy level often.

  5. Wow, this would be wonderful! I am a brand new first time mom and am really struggling with dinners 😦 I find that we are ordering in dinner way too much and of course this makes me feel bad. And it’s certainly not helping me shed the extra pregnancy pounds!

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