giveaway winner! {Chewbeads}

Okay, Janna, get ready to be amazed at how much you’re about to love your new Chewbeads Necklace!
(I’ll be in touch with you for the details!)

Janna said: 

“1st excited to have found your blog through Chewbeads!
2nd I would love the Waverly necklace in ANY of those colors…love them all… it would impact my life as a mommy mostly in a selfish way/ for my hubby…in that I could do something with my hair down (maybe for a bit at least) to feel a lil more pretty…and make the hubby feel like I got prettied (sp?) up for him! (something I need to work on!)”
I was super excited to read your comment, because I feel like so often blessing our husbands by how we look can be overlooked in our busy lives (as evidenced by my current state 🙂  I hope you, your husband, and your baby all enjoy!

p.s. thank you to everyone who entered!  


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