giveaway. {Chewbeads}

{my dream jewelry collection}


They are one of my very, very favorite things!   (And one of Penn’s very, very favorite things!) They are just the most brilliant, stylish, and practical pieces you can buy for your baby (and yourself!)  Chewbeads jewelry is designed for teething, and made from super safe, 100% silicone beads, without BPA, phthalates, PVC, cadmium, or lead.  
My original Jane necklace has become my signature accessory and my friends are known to take it off me to satisfy my crying baby 🙂   The only thing is, my hair always gets caught in the beads, so only ponytails will do.


Chewbeads has made some tweaks to their Jane and Hudson necklaces and added new styles for summer!  They added small knots between each bead to eliminate pulling.  Yay!  They generously gave me a Bleecker necklace to try!!  Now I can wear my hair down, making Chewbeads necklaces even more versatile!  (And because Penn’s just as obsessed with them as I am, that’s a very good thing!)  {Please note that my excessive use of exclamation marks is well deserved!)

Kindly, Chewbeads will be giving a special someone their choice of a new Waverly or Greenwich necklace.

{The winner has been chosen!} 

45 thoughts on “giveaway. {Chewbeads}

  1. I would choose the Greenwich necklace, and it would impact my mommy life the most by making me look like I was at least trying to be stylish.

  2. I think I like the Hudson necklace! As a first time mom,I very much a fun, stylish, baby safe necklace that would help ease my daughter through her teething when the time comes! And, I’d be sure to tell all my mommy friends about this great product!

  3. Waverly!! I love the aqua and orange together. My son, Hunter is just over 2 months and I need to get him some chewbeads pronto. If I get a necklace I will surely have to get the bracelets to match 🙂

  4. I’d (and my lo) would love a Waverly necklace! It would give my babe something to grab & play with & it would prevent future damage to my lovely jewelry (we’ve already had some casualties :() Would love to own some Chewbeads!

  5. Greenwich! With 4 month old twins I know that teething is on its way! They have started grabbing and I already am missing jewelry!

  6. I would choose the Greenwich necklace, so versatile, functional and baby friendly, couldn’t ask for more! I so wish I knew about Chewbeads with my firstborn, he was quite a distracted little nurser and I’m sure this would have helped with teething, too! Now with baby number two on the way (less than a month to go!) I’m sure a lovely Chewbeads necklace would add to this Mama’s sanity as well as style! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  7. I would love a Waverly necklace! I have looking at these necklaces since I was pregnant and can’t wait to help my little man through his teething and be stylish too!

  8. My eight-month-old son loves Chewbeads! Unfortunately I often leave it at home since it pulls out my long hair. I would love to own the Greenwich and I’m sure my son would appreciate it too! I’ve found Chewbeads especially helpful when Eyan is teething. They’re also great to use when wearing Eyan in the Ergo – it gives him something besides the shoulder straps to chew on!

  9. Since I already have the Greenwich, I would choose the Waverly! I get so many compliments on the necklace and love that I have a chew toy for my five month old daughter at a moment’s notice. Even my two year old loves gnawing on it from time to time! I love love love these necklaces!

  10. I love waverly black. I am a new mom to a 5 month old. She is already putting everything she grabs into her mouth.. this would change my life because i am figuring out how to be a stay at home mom, doing things alone with the baby.. sometimes i wish we had something like this to occupy her when out and about. Plus it is nice to have fashion and function meet, so i dont need to LOOK like a sterotypical stay at home mom, i can be mommy and be stylish too!

  11. I would get the Waverly stormy Grey necklace. I’m a mom of 4 boys, so when our 4 month old starts teething I will need something to keep him occupied and look good too!

  12. I would love the new waverly. Right now I have the Hudson in black my little girl loves it, and so do I. Having a second would make it so nice because I would be able to wash one and wear one and since most times I run the dish washer in the mornings there are days when she has to wait for it.

  13. I have been looking at these and I really want one!!! I love the Greenwich one! But I love all of them! My 8 month old is teething like crazy…. I don’t wear necklaces too much cause he always wants to chew on them so if I don’t win this giveaway then I’m definitely buying one!!!

  14. I would LOVE to have the Greenwich necklace as it would match everything in my wardrobe! This is the greatest tool in a mom’s bag of teething tricks-genius, practical, desirable-and oh so stylish. A no brainer in accessorizing! I can’t think of a better way to tame teething and look amazing at the same time. A little bit of “dress up” goes a long way for mama! And happy baby = happy mama!

  15. I would choose the Greenwich necklace for it’s lovely style & versatility. I would love to have it to help my baby girl through her teething. As I type, she is nursing a fever that is due to teething. A happy baby makes a mommy happy & a greenwich necklace would make my baby happy & me happy, not to mention stylish!

  16. I find the Hudson necklace to be my favorite. With being the mommy of a two year old boy and to a new baby girl, I don’t have much time on my hands. With Chewbeads, I would have the luxury of having an instant and stylish (I must add) way to sooth my baby while she starts teething.
    Chewbeads would at least make one aspect of my life more easy, and I would love to share the idea with all my new mommy friends!

  17. I would choose the waverly necklace. I have the Hudson necklace and I love it. These necklaces help me look stylish while still being able to comfort my baby when she is fussy!!

  18. I would love the Waverly necklace, these necklace are adorable. My little one needs a distraction during feedings to play with and to help out with his teething. This necklace would be great to show off to all our mommy friends and at our weekly mommy groups.

  19. I have been eyeing Waverly Stormy Gray for a while now 🙂 I am a babywearing mama, and DD just started the pulling my hair stage. Chewbeads would save my hair and my sanity!

  20. If I had a Waverly Necklace in Turquoise it would help my little one focus while breastfeeding but also help him improve his dexterity as he gets closer to teething.. which could be any day now! Since he was premature due to my preeclampsia it would be helpful in keeping him hitting all his developmental milestones.

  21. How can you possibly choose?! I love the stylish Jane necklaces however…..I have a teething 10 month old baby boy and love that these are a safe and stylish alternative!! Sure beats him chewing on my Stella and Dot 😉

  22. I’d love the Greenwich! As a mom working as a musician in a church, I am often dressed up and some jewelry that would transition between my two worlds would be awesome!

  23. The Waverly’s are so pretty! My little 8 month old teether would greatly appreciate it! (and so would her mommy 🙂

  24. I think the Hudson in stormy gray is adorable! I have a baby who will chew on a rock if he got the chance. I love style and this necklace will go perfect with my everyday outfits that are covered in baby spit up!

  25. I just discovered Chewbeads here in Boston. What an awesome product! I’ve since recommended them to all my mom friends. I should mention that my friends on the north shore of Massachusetts would love to see them in their neck of the woods.

  26. 1st excited to have found your blog through Chewbeads!
    2nd I would love the Waverly necklace in ANY of those colors…love them all… it would impact my life as a mommy mostly in a selfish way/ for my hubby…in that I could do something with my hair down (maybe for a bit at least) to feel a lil more pretty…and make the hubby feel like I got prettied (sp?) up for him! (something I need to work on!)

  27. I LOVE the Waverly necklace! My daughter is currently cutting some new teeth and I know these would make the process less painful and more stylish 🙂

  28. I love them both, but I think I have to go with the Waverly in Turquoise. My 2 yr old still likes to chew on my silver locket and i know my future baby will love to chew on my necklaces as well. This would help make me look stylish, but I’d know that it would be ok for them to still safely chew on the necklace.

  29. I would go with The Greenwich! I am always looking for an easy accessory to throw on to make my outfit and what a bonus that I don’t have to worry about my daughter chewing on it (because she will anyway…)

  30. As a grandma who watches her grand-daughter 5 days a week, I would love to own either of these chewbeads!! I think they are a great invention!! My grand-daughter loves to wear and play with my fake jewelry, but I am always saying “no mouth”!!!!!I almost bought then in downtown Glenwood Springs, Co. But decided to check them out first online. They are the perfect shower gift!!!!!

  31. I have not been blessed with one of these necklaces yet! I am very excited to just hear of them. If I couls have anyone I would choose the Jane necklace in the Punchy Pink. My daughter chews on her play necklaces and I would like something safer for her.

  32. My four month old baby is learning how to grab and put everything in her mouth. I would love a turquoise Jane necklace to complement my bright summer attire and keep my teething baby girl entertained! I have almost given up on necklaces altogether, and Chewbeads would allow me to put more style back into my baby-friendly wardrobe!

  33. Absolutely in love with the Waverly =)

    I am a new mother of curious, sometimes loud and simply irresistible 7 month old baby boy. Baby Brandon chews and grabs on everything, so that means no jewelry and my hair is always in a high bun. I’d have to say that no amount of words, literature, advice can prep you for motherhood. I used to dream about being a stylish mom, but nowadays, I can barely find time to glance at myself in the mirror! But as I’m finally learning to juggle my role as a mom, it would sure make me feel very special to wear this gorgeous necklace that’s also safe for my baby!

  34. I am so glad that I came across your blog tonight. I was thinking about going to my local baby boutique and getting one but was curious about the silicone and hair pulling. Im so glad to learn that there has been a change in the design to help with this! The greenwich is absolutely outstanding! I hope they have it in my local store!

  35. I hope that when I finally get a Chewbeads necklace, I’ll be able to breastfeed without losing my glasses, having fingers up my nose or in my mouth, and less bra strap snapping. Also I’ll finally be able to wear some cute jewellery that I don’t have to worry about it being safe for my daughter to put in her mouth, but I also don’t have to worry about it breaking! Thank you again for reviewing this product! I really really wanted to hear about personal experiences with chew beads from a user and not a retailer! I hope to read about more products you’ve reviewed in the future! 😀

  36. I would love any of these chewbeads. My baby girl loves gnawing on anything she can get in her mouth. Because of this I have not been able to wear any of my jewelry. One of my favorite things before my sweet girl came along was to put together cute outfits including accessories. I’ve been feeling a little plain lately and something like these chewbeads would give me back that simple joy of feeling “dressed up”. My little girl can ease her pain while mommy looks stylish. If I have to choose, I would really love to win eagerly in grey/pink.

  37. I love waverly black. Would love one of these necklaces!! They look great for little ones and my new baby is 3 months and starting to show signs of teething! Wish i had known about this for my now 2 year old when he was little.

  38. love the Jane Necklace – Simply White and I have a daughter that is teething and putting everything in her mouth. I would love something safe for her to chew on while I am carrying her around…especially while I carry her on my front.

  39. I would choose the Waverly Necklace in Stormy Grey . My daughter doesn’t have any teeth yet, so I would love this for when she starts to teethe. I’ve stooped wearing necklaces because she was always putting them in her mouth, I love that these are baby safe and cute! Seems like a fun gift for new moms as well, I have several pregnant friends!

  40. I love this idea. I’d want the Greenwich Necklace. It’s so elegant looking. 🙂 My son is past the chewing stage but I’m ready to have a second so that one will enjoy chewing on it and I’ll enjoy wearing it in the mean time. 🙂

  41. Wow, what a great giveaway! I have a Chewbead bracelet that I love and would be over the moon to win a Greenwich necklace! It’s so stinking cute and would help me feel like a hip and trendy mom…which lately has been difficult to achieve!

  42. My little one is just beginning the stage of grabbing my necklaces and putting them in her mouth and I’m becoming sad about the thought of not wearing them. Winning a greenwich necklace would be perfect!

  43. Greenwich! My baby is teething, he’s the 4th boy under 6 and my life is hectic. I used to wear a necklace, that he just destroyed today, which kept him visually stimulated and also allowed him to play with while nursing or to gum if his teeth were bugging him. This will make my crazy life that much EASIER!!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

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