I usually use my blog to note beautiful, wonderful things about my life.  
But here’s a very real, gross, and wonderful afternoon with my boys 🙂
At my brother’s college baseball game, Shae spent the entire time building sand castles and rolling around in bullpen dirt, literally shoveling it into his mouth and down his clothes, saying he was taking a bath.
He climbed to the top of the bleachers and shouted “ALL ABOARD!”
(Here’s the gross part).  He found a broken off end of a squirrel’s tail and was carrying it around.  When I saw him, I told him to put it down, and went to my purse to get hand sanitizer only to turn around to find him holding it again and rubbing it on his face.  Bleeech.
His sweet uncle running out of the dugout to grab his little nephew and love him.  (He was a little less thrilled to be holding him after I told him about the squirrel tail 🙂
Dinner with Nana, Gigi, and Pappy at Cecil’s Deli.  Licking butter off his chair.  
Driving home late, belting out scripture songs from GT and the Halo Express together and loving life.

One thought on “Gross.

  1. Stumbled on your blog, looking forward to reading more… love the squirrel tail story, those wonderfully gross times just go by too fast, not while you are in the middle of them, just looking back on them.

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