Springtime has indeed been springing up all over the place at our house!  Most happily have been the bright, beautiful flowers, causing me to smile every time I see them.  My (two) Spring decorations are out and I’m working on another. Jack even treated me to a pedicure (he himself did not perform the pedicure), so even my toes are happy!  I have been lifting the blinds to let in the maximum amount of light, tackled a couple big cleaning projects and swapped winter clothes for spring/maternity clothes.  I started feeling the baby move, Shae sings ‘Amazing Grace’ word for word, my relationships with many friends have been deepening, and I have two very special journeys ahead of me this month!

All in all, God has been gracious to provide me with evidences of he unending love, miraculous creation, and amazing grace.




One thought on “Springtime

  1. hilarious. parker is singing amazing grace as we speak (or type!?!) we have sang that to him, and to kaia before bed almost every night!

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