Why Hello There!

Perhaps you’ve forgotten about me.  I haven’t been around much lately.

But here I am, with a new little one in my tummy, joining me as I write!

I am beyond ready for Spring, although the weather outside is (still) frightful.

{So I’m going to pretend it’s Spring.}

I am going to try to get a jump start on Spring cleaning, so once it’s actually Spring I can be outside!  I think I’ll pick up some flowers, my favorite Easter candy, start wearing my colorful Spring clothes, decorate for Easter, find a Spring craft or two to do, and fill my home with joyful music!

Yes, this should work.

Hopefully I can encourage you out of your winter doldrums, too.

Stay tuned!





2 thoughts on “Why Hello There!

  1. Oh wow, wow! Congrats Bryn!! What sweet sweet news. Praying you’re feeling well and that everything is going smoothly. I want to hear all the details. Can’t believe Shae is going to be a big brother soon! Really happy for you guys. 🙂

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