Love is in the Air

Before we know it, Target will have Valentine’s Decorations up, but it can’t come too soon for me.  Not that I’m anxious to be finished with Christmas (I’m not!), but with all the weddings my beautiful friends are having this upcoming year, I am giddy with wedding planning!

I found fabulous collections of wedding inspiration (or any party for that matter!) on Minted’s website.

Not only that, but while my sweet friend, Lauren, was in town for Christmas we got to visit GORGEOUS Posh Bridal Couture housed in the Semple Mansion.  I would be more than happy to live in this luxurious salon wearing a different gown every day.  (Ah, to be a princess…)

Shae was our little helper.  He kept himself busy!

It’s as though the ladybug was there just for him!

Shae cleaning.  Excellent.  Let’s try that at home, too!

After watching us trying on dresses, he learned to turn and look at himself sideways in the mirror…

Let the celebrations begin!

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