Sneak Peak

“Trust your own instincts; the path you choose and the fruits of your labor will be unique and the outcome could be even better than you imagine.”

-Meg Mateo Ilasco, Craft Inc.

I found this quote last night while soaking up books at Barnes and Noble, and enjoyed it so much.  I love to learn, but do it in my own style, and when it comes to my artistic and creative side, I am the same way. Seven years ago I bought a pen and sketchbook and began drawing.  Since then I have experimented with craft fairs, hand lettering, freelance graphic design, greeting cards, photography, sewing, decorating, and on and on.

God allowed me to learn so much from those experiences. At my pace, in his timing. Now, seven years later, I feel like the Lord has led me to open an Etsy shop.  The above quote is so true of my experience.  The path I chose and the fruits of my labor have all come together in this season, for this outcome, which is just an extraordinary fit for me.

I’m looking forward to announcing my Etsy store to you next week. It will house a collection of my work from greeting cards to step stools.

I’ve been cautious and discerning of what I commit myself to regarding this, trying to trust God’s leading.  I have enjoyed preparing for this shop so much, because I’ve been able to create when I’m in the mood to create, and I have complete control over it.  Most importantly is my faith, my husband, baby, and full-time job as a homemaker. By God’s grace, this shop will allow me to have a creative outlet that will benefit our family, while at the same time maintain my priorities.

Thank you for your love and support!


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