I am grateful {for my life}

I should have gone to sleep awhile ago.  But I got side tracked, and as I made the final rounds around our house before climbing into bed, was overcome by gratefulness at God’s wonderful provision and blessings.

Coming home from a night to myself at Starbucks to refocus and be refreshed by time spent reading, studying, praying, and list-making. The pelican bath pitcher holding open the baby gate made me smile. My baby’s warm round cheeks caused my lips to linger as I kissed his sleeping face goodnight. A beautiful new family portrait glowed in the dark from our computer desktop made my heart flutter. My kind, compassionate, husband sound asleep as he rests up for a new work week to provide for our family; happy that he has warmed up the bed for me. Believe it or not, looking forward to my early morning wake-up for a dark, peaceful drive to the gym to get my day underway.

Night night.


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