You Are Special

Ah, this book makes my heart happy.

One thing that I sometimes struggle with, is caring too much about what others think about me, rather than what my loving creator God thinks about me.  This children’s book is a sweet, simplistic reminder that what other people think only matters as much as we let it, and that the more we seek God, the more content we are with his unconditional tender love for us.

I have been so encouraged by women (be it family, friends, or via books, blogs, etc.), who have opened up bits of their hearts to me, that I want to do the same in return to you.  My intention behind blogging is not to draw attention to myself, because God deserves the credit for any good that comes from this blog. God has uniquely created us, and I am praying that through blogging, I might encourage, inspire, or serve you in some way.  I am beloved in the eyes of God, and I want to glorify Him by loving him and others well.


One thought on “You Are Special

  1. This is such a sweet, sincere thing to say. I think it’s such a good reminder for all of us who blog. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in posts/comments without having my heart in the right place. Thanks for the reality check. 🙂

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