Need to update your restaurant repertoire?


Brasa has become a favorite, located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and in Minneapolis.  Its menu is studded with really interesting and delicious takes on “comfort foods inspired by the Creole cooking traditions of the Americas and Carribean.”

I mean, when the food comes to your table, it is literally mouth watering.

Much of the menu is set up a la cart, and you can cover your table with quarter pounds of slow roasted pork and unbelievable braised beef, complemented by the most delicious cornbread and honey butter I have ever tasted, a heap of crispy yuca with ginger and cilantro mojo, creamed spinach and jalapeno and a host of other inspiring fare.

The atmosphere is casual and modern; just an incredibly cozy family style experience that you won’t regret!  (I’d be happy to come along with you if you’re looking to try it…wink wink!)

(Disclaimer: I cannot wink in real life.  Writing “wink” is the closest I come to anything remotely resembling a wink.)


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