The Stone Barn

Welcome to one of our favorite places!

The Stone Barn in Nelson, Wisconsin.

Where the pizza coming out of the wood-fired brick oven is amazing.

And the rustic ambience and the view are even more so!

A planter with fresh herbs runs down the length of the outdoor seating area.

And there is a ton of great open space for little ones to run and play while waiting to be served, and for everyone to stretch between the car rides.

One of our favorite family traditions is to take a day trip from the cities down through Lake City and over to Nelson, WI in time for dinner!  The drive down along the Mississippi River and rugged bluffs is so lovely. And when the time comes, a turn onto a true country road, takes you on a journey to a farm nestled in a valley amongst rolling hills.  I cannot tell you what a beautiful hidden gem it is. It is the Tuscany of Wisconsin.

The menu consists of great big pizzas, drinks, and ice cream.  It is a wonderful way to get away from home without traveling far.  No overnight bags are necessary, as you can still make it home by bedtime.  (Your bedtime – maybe not your kids’!)  It’s open seasonally, so be sure to check their website to determine their hours.



One thought on “The Stone Barn

  1. Hi Bryn,

    What fun it is to read your blog and get to know better who you are! We love to take an annual roadtrip down that way too. Except our final stop is Winona. We try to go in October when the fall colors are at their peak. It is a beautiful drive along the Mississippi.

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