Morning Has Broken

Have you ever opened a book and after 20 minutes realized you basically stared at the page without really reading anything?

I was trying to read.  At night.  When so many other people like to read.  But I am not other people.  I am me.

So I tried reading in the morning.  It worked!  My mind is sharp and I can focus on what I’m reading.

The motivation behind it all (is a bazillion-fold, so this is just part of it.  More to come):

Flash back two months ago: I was waking up when Shae’s little sing-song voice woke me from my slumbers.  I would quick check my email and Facebook.  And get anxious.  I realized it was a bad start to my day.  I was not mentally prepared to dive into correspondence or paperwork, and by knowing what was awaiting my attention, my waking hours were tainted by some anxiety and stress.  I didn’t like that.

So, I decided to get up before Shae, brew some (decaf) coffee, and snuggle into a cozy arm-chair with my journal, Bible, and a book.  I began using the time to journal (pray), read my Bible, and sometimes read from a non-fiction Christian book (I have a ton that I want to read, but never make time to read, so therefore they continue to sit unopened).

Amazing things happened!  I woke up to God.  My day started with a snuggly, decaffeinated, communion with God and exercised my intellect as well.  When my sweet little boy awoke, we proceeded to spend the morning in our jammies, eating breakfast, snuggling, tickling, reading and playing.  It was the best.  And still is.  It’s amazing how an assessment of something not working so well can be easily modified with simple changes and have a significant effect on the rest of the day (not to mention the lifelong memories!)


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