Dark and Early

The traditional phrase “Bright and Early” can not be applied to my mornings this week.

To make up for a couple weeks of rich meals, lots of baked goods from Starbucks (thanks to my favorite Barista!), and my sweet/carb tooth, I am making a concerted effort to wake up while both inside and outside my house are dark, slip on my shoes, grab my work out essentials (head phones, water, gym pass, phone), which I keep in this, and make my way to the gym.

It is a beautiful thing.  Silence first thing in the morning while I drive gives me precious time alone to dedicate my day to God.  I am grateful for my good start to the day (plus a bonus: I get to catch up on Boy Meets World on the elliptical TV at that hour of the morning ;-))  (Side note: I am also someone who cries while exercising at the gym when I watch A Baby Story).  As Jack says, I get a kick out of myself!  I do.


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