Making Room


After to come.

When we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago, we projected we’d move around this time.  But, we won’t be, and so we have taken on a new project of redoing our house.  (Enter my giddiness!)


Redesign our house to fit our growing needs (i.e. a 17 month old boy) and bring order to where there was chaos (see above picture).


  • Push around/remove furniture, to create more kid-friendly spaces, while retaining adult looking spaces, too.
  • Organize toys, art, music, etc. so we can see what we have and encourage us to use it!  (Replacing all the toys heaped in a huge pile.)
  • Modify the decor on a somewhat non-existent decoration budget.

“Whole Hog”

This weekend, my all-in mentality when it comes to projects I am excited about was referred to as “Whole Hog.”  I preferred not to bring that phrase home with me, although now I’m writing about it and sending it out into the blogosphere.  (More flattering name suggestions are welcome.)  But what that means is that I want to do it all now.  Today.  Unrealistic, though, wouldn’t you say?  The furniture moving will be done soon, but it may take until after the winter to save up for and complete the rest of it.  It’s fun to have something to look forward to.

Do you have any helpful ideas or favorite websites that could inspire us in our venture?


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