My Favorite Place in the World

To get to my favorite place, take a short walk (I prefer walks to hikes) through the most delicious smelling Northern woods, in which I can’t help but take exaggerated breaths every five feet and exclaim how good it smells!

Then make your way through wildflowers and over stepping stones until you move out of the woods and come to enormous black rocks jutting out into the water.  The chilly waters from Lake Superior crash onto the rocks turning them glossy, and their sounds seize my attention and allow me a refuge and place for solitude.  (Solitude+Jack, because I feel safer having him there!)

I nuzzle up to the place where the waters meet the rocks and it is there where the world slips away and I am alone with The Lord and my thoughts.  This world is full of so many distractions for me, and I think part of what I like so much about this spot is that there’s nothing to distract me but the crashing waters which remind me of the strong powerful God who created this and created me.  There is nothing like it.

The water was so clear, you could see big, beautiful rocks underneath!  (I loved having my feet in the water despite how freezing it was!)

Later on my family got to come down to the water with me and Shae came to my spot for the first time!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Place in the World

  1. I came over from Jess’s blog. I am really enjoying your blog. You have a little red headed baby boy like I do! Such fun! I too love water crashing on rocks and the chance to be with the Lord in a place like that. Kelly

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