Chore Cards

I have started a new system for my household chores.  I literally felt like I was failing in the housekeeping area of my life.  Since I don’t LIKE cleaning, I found myself being lazy and basically doing very little to get by.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have really been thinking a lot about the ministry of my home.  In turn, I have felt encouraged and convicted to care for it.  SO, seeing as though I am the only one who can do something about it, I decided to take responsibility for my actions, and jump into this system.  To be honest, these chores which before seemed overwhelming, are actually really manageable.  And since I have clear objectives, I can enjoy my non-chore times without feeling like I should be home cleaning.  Since I am a very visual person with a mind that quickly jumps from one thing to the next, I have found this to be a really effective way to keep on task.

My System

-I wrote all the household tasks I could think of that are important to me on pieces of paper.  Then I separated them into categories (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasionally), and colored coded each card to its category.

-Each week I look at my schedule for the week and try to set realistic chore goals.  (For example, this week I was gone/busy with other things most of Monday, so as the picture shows, I didn’t have many chores that day.)

-Once I complete a chore, I remove it from the door and put it inside the pantry.  That way, the door (and therefore my week) starts to clear up.  Occasionally  I look at the column of chores that have built up in the pantry for a reminder of my accomplishments.

-At the end of the night I can close the panty door and enjoy my evening.

Benefits of the system:

*It’s flexible.  As my week changes, I can shift chores around.

*I have pre-determined objectives, so I can measure my success, remind myself to stay on task, and work ahead if I want to, knowing that the faster I get through them, the faster I’m done.  And since they’re objectives and not mandatory, I give myself the grace to not get around to all of them.

*One more thing.  I didn’t include daily chores such as emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, checking emails, and making the bed, or it would have gotten out of hand.  I try to keep things like that relatively tidy and in balance from day to day.


2 thoughts on “Chore Cards

  1. I made some cards for myself with things like “plan for tomorrow”, “to do today”, “exercise”, “bless my home” etc. that have security envelope paper as the background. They make me happy and help me keep my focus too. Fun system you have. Kelly

    p.s. what do you stick them to the door with?

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