Simple Summer Entertaining

Grilled food often steals the show on summer entertaining, but simple, delicious picnic-inspired foods are perfect for a lovely light lunch affair.  Whether you eat indoors or out, gather together a scrumptuous spread of thinly sliced deli meats, cheeses, mouth-watering berries, nuts, and a fresh baguette paired with jams and honey.  Keep beverages light and refreshing with cucumber water or limeade, and garnish the table with freshly cut flowers (mine came courtesy of my guest!)

Enjoy your favorite flavors of summer.  For my lunch, I served:

Maple honey ham from Super Target (I requested it to be cut as thinly as it could without falling apart).

Brie cheese from Costco (you get a lot more per package then in the regular grocery store for less than a dollar more); bring to room temperature for easy spreading.

Organic strawberries from Lakewinds are on sale this month for $2.50.  Yum.

Salted Almonds from Costco.

Pick up an authentic French baguette from Sofitel.  They throw in imported French jams and honey for no additional cost!

For dessert I served my salted chocolate bark with roasted almonds and craisins with cups of coffee.


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