Sheer Glee!

I am about to embark on an exciting journey of sewing.

This cupcake onesie that I made for Shae’s first birthday is the one thing I’ve made since my days of home economics in middle school.  But I am completely smitten by the idea of sewing now that I have discovered Amy Butler.

Amy Butler’s creativity mantra is:

Utility can be beautiful.

Comfy can be stylish.

Organization is healthy.

My personality is unique.

Handmade is best!

I am so excited to CREATE.  I love the possibilities of making a darling apron or hot pads for a bride-to-be, or a super chic bibs for a little one.  I am also planning to sell onesies in contemporary designs, like the one above, in my upcoming Etsy shop!  Not to mention the prospect of having something cheerful to do on dark drab winter nights!

Now for a trip to the fabric store with my friends!


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