Arboretum Summer House

Summer is a great opportunity to buy farm-fresh, local food, and support our local economy.  Minnesota Grown provides a directory of local farms, markets, and garden centers with goods available!

Today I stopped by the Excelsior Farmers Market, and it was bustling!  I am walking a delicate line of considering paying more for organic produce off the dirty dozen list (I haven’t made the leap due to cost) vs. buying affordable produce from grocery stores.  I didn’t find produce at the Farmer’s Market today that I felt was worth paying more (none claimed to be Organic, and it was the same or more then Target’s prices), so I passed.

But on my way home, stopped at the Arboretum Summer House in Chanhassen.  I hit the jackpot!  Beautiful produce from a local farm at great prices (for some reason, some of the produce was on sale today), and organic raspberries, (originally $4/pint, but this was left over from the last delivery so I got them for $2)!!  Shae was quick to snap a stalk of asparagus in half (he has yet to learn to break off the woody end, and not the beautiful tender top!) and to snatch up a raspberry!  (Plus, if you’re a member of the Arboretum, you get 10% off!)

Jack just started the grill on this perfect summer evening, and now I’m off to the kitchen to prepare my yummy finds!


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