I have no natural inclination to clean.

However, I am blessed with the privilege and responsibility to serve my family and care for our belongings.  The Bible talks about slothfulness and being a sluggard vs. diligence and caring for what God has entrusted us with.  By God’s grace, he allows me to step out in faith and honor and serve him by serving my family and caring for our home and belongings.

So I trust in the Lord and am grateful for ways to serve him, but cleaning and organizing still doesn’t come easily.  So I try to motivate myself in a few ways.

1) I love the Real Simple Cleaning handbook!  It’s laid out so simply and clearly.  It is an excellent reference!

2) Looking at magazines and catalogues with beautiful (clean!) homes is encouraging and motivates me to have a clean home.

3) An act of worship.  Recognizing the blessings God has given me and wanting to treat them well.

4) An act of love.  In Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, Acts of Service is identified as one of the love languages.  Jack has identified Acts of Service as his primary love language.  When I take good care of our home and belongings, he feels so loved, and that is maybe my greatest motivator!  Visit for more information!

5) Understanding the health and wellness implications of a healthy and cared for home.  My friend, Sarah Moran, Twin Cities Freelance Health Writer, has a great article on her blog about creating a healthier home!  From it, I decided to make my own cleaning products using Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes (shown in the photo at the top).  It was a great project for me, because it got me excited about having a personal touch to my cleaning (by incorporating things that DO interest me like color coordinating cleaning supplies, picking out cute labels, and choosing favorite scents) and I am so happy to have chemical free cleaning products in my house.  I invested in the supplies at first (spray bottles, ingredients, etc.), but will also save money in the long run, which is also important to us!

If you have any other encouraging websites, books, or ideas that could make cleaning more enjoyable, please pass them on!!


2 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. I am with you…I’d rather blog about cleaning than actually clean any day! 🙂

    But somehow it gets done…eventually.

    My favorite cleaning motivator is inviting guests over. Something about the emergent deadline of so-and-so coming over for dinner is just the kick in the pants I need to get things looking acceptable around here.

    Which reminds me. We need to have you guys over sometime soon!!

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