Candy Counter

When I was little, my mom would give my brother and me each a quarter to buy candy at the (then Daytons) candy counter.  We would walk up and ask for a “quarter’s worth” of our candy of choice.  For Clay it was usually sour red cherry balls, and I think mine were Sour Patch kids.

I was recently swept up in nostalgia when I can across the candy shop and reminisced the memories from my childhood.  It hadn’t changed at all.  The lady working asked me if I needed anything, and thinking that I couldn’t buy anything worth a quarter anymore, said no, but proceeded to tell her my tale.

She told me that I could certainly still get a quarter’s worth of candy.  I dug in my purse for the change, and below is what I got.  (With tax, the total came to $0.26)!  It was quite fun.  And delicious!


4 thoughts on “Candy Counter

  1. I love it! Seinfeld astutely points out that candy is the sole tool of motivation for children. When I realized that I could save my own money to purchase more than a quarter-bag (with three cherry balls in it), I finally understood why most people work a substantial part of their adult lives.

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